Legit Ways to Make Money From Home

Making Money From Home 

Making a living from the comfort of your own home is a dream most people have. The reality is, that finding something that allows you to do so can be incredibly challenging.

One of the biggest reasons that it is hard to make money from home is that, since there is large amount of people that are looking for that next breakthrough to quit their job, it leaves the door open for people to take advantage of that. Obviously I am talking about Scams on the internet. They promise you the opportunity to make tons of money with very little work or effort. But instead of increasing the size of your bank account they do the opposite, and drain it, or at the very least take what they can get from you before you realize that you have been scammed.

Sites like that are the reason that I started this one to help prevent people from loosing their hard earned money. If you have read any other articles on this site you know that my number one rule when looking into a new opportunity or ad that I see on Facebook or some where else on the internet is that “If it seems to good to be true it usually is”.

How to Avoid the Scams 

Like I stated before, if it seems to good to be true it usually is, the fact of the matter is that I have yet to find any site that is legitimate that grants you a fortune overnight. One of the best ways to avoid scams on the internet is to research everything before you try it. Especially if the site that you are looking at is asking for money or a credit card number just to sign up, for me that is a Red flag.

Use the internet to your advantage, because believe me you will not be the first person to try the site that you are looking at, and if it is a scam you will see the negative reviews posted some where on the internet, and in some cases on sites just like this one trying to stop people from making the same mistake that they made.

Some other Red Flags include:

  • Websites with a video
  • Websites that promise a fortune but never really say how you will get said fortune
  • Websites that promise you will make 100’s of dollars a day right from the start
  • Websites that show pictures of people living a luxurious life style
  • Websites that require you to pay a fee before you even receive anything

There are a number of other ways to help spot a scam, and you read more about that on this site.

The Good News 

The good news is that it is possible to earn a living online from the comfort of your own home, however success will not come overnight, and it most certainly will not come with out putting in a lot of time and effort. If I haven’t already made it clear, success will not come right out of the gate, even the people that are making millions of dollars on YouTube did not get to that point over the course of one day, it took days, weeks, months, and even years of putting out content that gets enough subscribers to turn a profit.

Legitimate Ways to Make Money Online 

Here are some of the best legitimate ways to make money online:

  • Paid Surveys
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Swagbucks
  • Blogging

Paid Surveys 

While it is possible to make a passive income with paid surveys, the truth is that it is very hard to make a living off of the surveys alone. The reason being that for most sites the pay out per survey is relatively small, ranging in amounts any where from .25 cents to 2.00 dollars.

Now you might be thinking that 2 dollars sounds pretty good for just taking a survey, and in most cases I would agree, however what you will find is that those are few and far between, and they usually will take you at least a half an hour or more.

Another common problem with making money with survey sites is that with most of them you won’t qualify for enough surveys in a day to make it worth your time.

Some Survey sites will be a waste of your time so I am going to give a list of a few that I have tried that not only offer a good amount of surveys on a daily basis, but also offer other ways to make money on the site.



Swagbucks is a great site to make extra cash on the  side especially if you are some one who does a ton of online shopping  here is a list of the advantages of signing up with Swagbucks:

  • It is 100% FREE.  No credit card needed to sign up or use it
  • Offers tons of great surveys
  • Earn cash back on things you buy online every day
  • Swag IQ trivia app. Earn money buy simply playing trivia
  • Get paid to watch videos
  • Great pay out options

When they say FREE they mean FREE, no hidden charges, no sign up fees, no credit card needed to sign up


DFS: Can you make a Career Out of it?

What are DFS?draft-kings-fanduel-111315-ftrjpg_4mun14kjjq781b01ylmwvb8wm

DFS, stands for daily fantasy sports. If you are not familiar with the term you are no doubt familiar with the sites that they run on. Popular sites like Draft Kings and Fanduel are constantly advertising through all different types of televised sporting events.

What makes them different? 

There are a couple things that separate these sites from the standard fantasy sport sites is that you do not draft a team and then have the same team through out the entire season. Instead you are fanduel-lobby-screenshot-1024x741given a salary cap with which you use to build your team. You also have the opportunity to enter some of the contests multiple times, allowing you to enter in a number of different lineups to have a better chance of getting them correct.  Like most leagues that you play in there is money involved; however they range in price so that any one with any budget is able to enter in a tournament and have the opportunity to win.

So is it Gambling?

The main argument that tends to come up when talking about fantasy sports, is whether or not it  is gambling. To a certain degree I would agree that it is gambling, for the simple fact that you are spending money to win money. In some contests the chance to win thousands of dollars. My argument that is not entirely gambling is that there are a number of variables that require an incredible amount of not only a strong knowledge of the sport that you playing, as well as time and research into it as well. As it is with gambling, the person that takes the time and effort to research and develop a good strategy are usually the ones that come out on top and the world of fantasy sports is no exception.

Is it possible to make money doing this?

The simple answer is yes. It is possible to make money entering these contests; however in my experience, since most tournaments are played with a large amount of people it is incredibly difficult to make large amounts of money. The reason being that with so many people entering in lineups, it makes it that much more difficult for you to have the winning lineup. One thing that helps is that you are able to enter multiple lineups into these contests to help increase your odds of picking the winning lineup. On the flip side so is every one else that enters into the contest. To give your self the best chance to come out of these contests ahead is to do a combination of research and entering in a bunch of different lineups. One effective strategy is to comprise a list of the players that you feel have the best chance for success based on the individual match up. Than creating multiple lineups with the players you feel give you the best chance to score the most fantasy points.

There is a difference between making money dong this and making enough money doing this as a sole means of earning a living. Doing this for a living requires an incredible amount of time and research. I do not want to give any one the impression that they can simply start to this and will instantly be making enough money to quit their day job. Believe me I wish that were the case, but  you know the old saying, if it were that easy every one would do it. It can definitely be a way to make a little extra money, but the same rues apply, it will require that you spend time not only researching stats and match ups as well as actually watching as many games as you are able to.

Technology Profit Confidential: The Real Deal or Just Another Scam?

Technology Profit Confidential: The Real Deal or Just Another Scam?

As some one who is always looking to debunk the latest the scams on the internet, I have come across a new add that I continue to see on Facebook. Technology Profit Confidential, the add claims that you can make money by investing in penny stocks. If your like me and very rarely deal with the stock market, and by rarely I really mean never, than you probably don’t have any idea what a penny stock is.

In essence what a penny stock is, is a stock for a company that is still in the beginning stages. These are typically stocks for a company that you most likely have never heard of. Since these are still relatively unheard of companies the cost of the stock is very low, now in most cases the stock wont be worth only a penny but there are stocks that are available at prices ranging from .75 cents to a couple of dollars. The main sell on this add is that you can invest as little as $50 dollars and end up getting a huge pay day.

How does that happen with a stock at such a small price?

The way that the  site describes making a large amount of money from one small investment is that if you select the right company to buy a lot of shares in simply from the fact that it is so cheap, if the price of that stock were to jump drastically you could be in for a large payday. Some of the examples they give are companies like Budweiser and Cintas. The add goes on to say that the reason not everyone is doing this and being successful is that there are so many of these penny stocks, that it is incredibly hard to pinpoint which ones are going to sky rocket out of the blue, and which ones will simply either stay the same or disappear all together. Now that they have shown you that it is hard to know just what stocks will end with a big payday, now it is time for the sales pitch.

The Pitch

Now that they have explained that you can make money through this, but you need to know how to select the right stock it is time for them to introduce the brains behind the site Ray Blanco.  He is the Chief technology officer at Agora Financial, and his main job is researching the top new technology advancements available. Now he is sharing his expertise with you. What he claims to do in this add is that he looks through hundreds of new up and coming technology based businesses and uses 5 strict criteria to narrow them down and screen out the ones that are less likely to succeed, and what you are left with is a much smaller list of companies that are less risky than others. Now I am always skeptical of new things, and this is no exception considering the companies that he is talking about investing in are in the relatively new field of medicinal marijuana. If that’s not enough to make you raise a eyebrow I don’t know what is.

Is this legit or a scam?

After I took the time to read the entire add, I have to admit that I was at the very least intrigued. Could this really work? Is this a legitimate? These are just some of the questions that I start to ask my self before I decide to go ahead and try something new out. As I have preached on here several times, always do research before you go and invest in something new, so I did just that. What I found is that there are not a whole lot of reviews out on this site rite now. That alone tells me a few things, first it tells me that this has not been around that long. Generally when something like this has been around for a while there will be a lot of reviews out for it, in the case of this site I only found a few here is the link to one of the more complete reviews that I found http://forexvestor.com. Another thing that it tells me is that either there have not been a lot of people to try it or they just haven’t felt compelled to write a review on it.

Reasons for concern

One of the first things that you will notice when you enter in your email to sign up for free is that at the top of the screen there is a timer winding down, telling you to act within the next 15 mins to get the special offer. For me that is a huge red flag, for the simple reason that most scam websites use this very same tactic.  Now that alone does not make it a scam but for me it sends the wrong message.

Potential for Pump and Dump Scam

For those unfamiliar with this term, to put it simply some one puts out a lot of advertisement for one of these penny stocks, usually using bold and for the most part false claims to get a large amount of people to invest. this in turn pushes the price of the stock up. Once the stock has reached a margin the perpetrator of the site then sells all of their shares for a large profit, this in turn drives the stock back down. The “pump” is the perpetrators hyping up or pumping up the site and getting people to invest. the “dump” is when they sell or dump the site to make their profit leaving the rest of the investors with a stock that usually ends up being worth less than the amount that they purchased it for.

Over all Opinion

Unlike the other sites that I have reviewed, I still have yet to make a determination on this one. For the most part the other sites that I have reviewed have had enough information, and customer reviews for me to make a honest assessment of the product. So far for Technology Profit Confidential I have not seen enough to do the same. I believe that the only way to know for sure would be to try it and this point there are to many red flags and question marks for me to take that risk.

The reason for this article is to not only make people think a little bit more before jumping into this so called opportunity like I have chosen to do. Another reason is that I am hopeful that some will read this who has tried the site and invested money into it will leave a comment telling of their experience with Technology Profit Confidential.

So If you are reading this and have tried this site please leave a comment and share your experience with us. If you have not tried the site please leave a comment as well, I would love to hear your thoughts on this post as well


Wealthy Affiliate Review

Website Review


Name : Wealthy Affiliate

Price: 0 to join/ Premium $49 a month/ $359 a year

Owners: Kyle and Carson

Website: http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aidwealthy-affiliate-example-1=113f230f

Who its for: Newbie to expert


Wealthy Affiliate is an affiliate program that allows you the opportunity to turn your passion into a thriving online business. With a large network of people to help walk you through every step it is perfect for any one from newbie to expert.

What are the benefits

There are numerous benefits to choosing Wealthy Affiliate over some of the other sites out there. For starters It is 100% FREE to join. Below is a list of some of the other benefits of Wealthy Affiliate

  • Getting started training
  • Video Training/ Tutorial Training
  • Live and interactive help
  • Access to industry experts
  • Strict spam free environment
  • Free to start( no strings, no catch)

Who can Benefit from Wealthy Affiliate

To make it simple, Wealthy affiliate can be used by absolutely any one. From some who is just getting started into the world of online marketing to some one that already has a ton of experience in that field. This is more of a community than it is a product. with thousands of people available at any time of the day to help with what ever it is you might be struggling with.

What makes Wealthy Affiliates training different?wealthy-afiliate-example-2

The training at Wealthy Affiliate it is different in that there are so many different levels and types of training available. While there is a great deal of training that you get directly from the owners, any member of the affiliate program are able to make their own training guides, videos, and tutorials. This is great because if you find something that you needed help with and find that thee wasnt a video or tutorial than you go and make one your self to help some one else who might have the same problem.

Here is a list of some of the training offered at wealthy affiliate:

  • Live weekly classes
  • Question and answer periods
  • Organized classes on specific topics
  • Video/ Tutorial training
  • Task based courses

The Support

The support at Wealthy Affiliate is unlike any other site that i have seen. The moment that you become a member you are welcomed by both of the owners. I have found that they can be reached at just about any point in the day. While sometimes it may take them a little longer to respond due to the amount of questions that they receive on a daily basis they almost always seem to make the effort to respond. One of the great things about wealthy affiliate is that with all of these members, some of which have been on there for a number of years have a great level of experience and are more than willing to help you with any questions that you might have.


My over all verdict should not come as a surprise if you have taken the time to read this entire review, But here it is. Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legitimate. The are the real deal, with a price and level of support that is unmatched by anything that is out there.

This is my review would love to hear your opinions on it so leave me a comment and let me know what you think


Don’t Let your Passion or Ambition Blind you


By the look of the title you might be thinking that I am saying that ambition is a bad thing. Clearly having ambition is a good thing, but there is such a thing as blind ambition. What this means is that you can get so caught up in what you are trying to achieve that sometimes you don’t see things for what they really are. In some situations this may not actually hurt you, but if you are ambitious towards making money and will do anything to be successful, you can find your self in a world of trouble.

Dangers that lurk on the internet

As i have covered on this site there are so many threats out there out on the internet, if you are not careful you could be the next victim of the latest internet scams. If your goals are to earn a lot of money, any time you see something that offers you the opportunity to do just that, and not only that they tell you that you will do it quickly. Lets get one thing strait right here and right now, anything that claims that you will make money fast with little to no work is full of shit. Sorry to use such harsh wording, but its true. That’s how these sites lure you in they give you the tag line that you will make tons of money, well who’s going to say no that right? Then they get you to watch an incredibly long video showing you pictures of mansions and fancy vacations.

The act now tactic

The act now tactic is an advertising tactic that persuades to do exactly what it says, to act now. If you have ever watched an info mercial, and lets face it we all have, than you know exactly what I mean. In every info mercial at the end of it or in most cases through out the entire thing you prompted to ” call now” or “order now”, followed by if you do you will receive a special gift along with it. These scam sites are no different. What they do after you have sat through their long presentation that told you absolutely nothing how they make all of this money in one day, is tell you to click on the link below usually followed by either act fast or dont wait. In some of the cases that i have seen they will tell you that they are only offering this to a select few and you don’t want to miss out on your chance. Believe me i can see why this works, being told that you will miss out on an incredible opportunity seems to have this effect on us. Its the ” I’m not going to be the one to miss this incredible opportunity”. It happens because deep down we have that little voice saying ” but what if it is legit?”  Couple that with your blind ambition to succeed, and our unwillingness to miss out on something great, and there you have it the scammer has got you.

What can I do with all my passion and ambition?

The real answer to the question ” what can I do with all of this passion and ambition?” is that there is no one right answer to that question. What I can tell you is that there is a great place for yo channel both your passion and your ambition. And the best part about it is its FREE The site is Wealthy Affiliate(http://www.wealthyaffiliate.com?a_aid=113f230f  ) 

Now I know that sounds crazy but it’s true. Here is a list of just some of things that you get for free.

  • 2 Free websites
  • An entire network of people to help you
  • Access to tons of different website designs
  • Step by step tutorials on how to succeed

I’m sure your expecting me to tell you to go and try this rite now. That would pretty much contradict everything that I had just wrote about in this post. No instead what I am going to encourage you to do as i would with anything else that you are going to try and do some research on it. Don’t just take my word for it check around. when you do you will see that there isn’t anything else out there like it. Check it out using the link, again it is absolutely free, no credit cards no strings. Wealthy affiliate makes it so that any one with a dream or a passion can turn that into a money making dream or passion. One key difference between this site and the types of sites that I have mentioned above, aside from the fact that it is absolutely free is that they do not promise to make you rich over nite. What they do promise is that if you take the time and dedication that it takes to get your website up and running and functioning in a way that is profitable to you than, and only then will you find success. No gimmicks no guarantees, to use some current street lingo just keeping it one hundred.

Please feel free to leave your comments below

Types of Scams on the Internet

There are many types of internet scams out there, some are more obvious than others. Internet scams are no different than anything else, in that the more information you have the better. Once you can identify the types of Scams that are out there you will know what areas to be cautious in, and it will make it harder for you to be caught off guard or by surprise. Below is a list of the different types of scams that i have come across.

1.  Merchandise Scams: Scams that claim to have a product for sale and when you order it, it either never comes, or they claim that it has been damaged or is defective.

Tips to avoid Merchandise Scams.

  1. Do a price check. Compare the price of the product being advertised to the price a reputable source(Amazon, Best Buy) if the price is substantially different it may be wise to avoid the sale.
  2. If it seems sketchy do some research.  Check them against agency such as The Better Business Bureau. also check out the sites feedback forms.

2. Phishing/Spoofing Emails: These are emails that will appear to be from credible financial institutions, such as PayPal or Citi Bank and prompt to you click a link to the site that looks like their site and then you enter in your name and password and the hacker gets access to your information. there are 2 things that you can do to avoid these, the first is to look at the link, it should start with https://, the fake link will leave out the s at the end(http//). As always when i doubt contact the financial institution to see if they sent it.

3. Fake Prize/Sweepstakes, Free Gifts:  The name really says it all. examples would be you receive an email or a pop up comes up claiming that you won some kind of prize; however they say that you need to pay a fee to claim your prize. They will usually disguise themselves as real sweepstakes or sometimes even a real Lottery game. Bottom line, if you didn’t enter a sweepstakes don’t fall for it and if anything claims that you need to pay to get your prize run for the hills its a scam.

4. Lottery Scams:  I touched on a type of Lottery scam above, where you would receive an email claiming that you won, and you need to pay to receive a prize. There is another type of scam out there involving the Lottery. These scams claim that they have come up with a system to beat the Lottery, all you have to do is use their system and you will win big. They will show pictures of mansions that they claim to live in. First they get you to watch a lengthy video that continues to promise to show you how to use their system. Of course they never do, after the video they prompt you to pay for the product, usually they say it is about 199.00 some where in that price range. They will also say that they are only giving it to a select few people, enticing you to act fast. when you try to leave the will offer it to you at a reduced rate. The 2 scams like this that i have come across are Lottery crusher, and Solutionaire, once they receive your payment you still do not get anything, instead they continue to tell you that you need to upgrade.

5. Facebook Friend/ Online Dating Scams:  Have you ever received a friend request on Facebook from some one you thought that you were already friends with? If you have i would proceed with caution, the Scam is to pose as one of your friends, than get you to accept the request, gain your trust and eventually claim that they are in need of financial help with something. Online Dating Scams, are people putting up fake profiles usually with pictures of incredibly attractive people to get peoples attention. They then try to build up some trust between the two of you and again at some point they will message you with some kind of money emergency. obviously in both situations it would be in your best interest to double check the source, on Facebook if its a friend whose number you have already give them a call and make sure. As for the Dating sites try and set up an in person meeting, some one who is trying to scam you is not going to meet you in person. Another tip would be to say that you don’t have the money to help, in either case and especially with the Facebook friend if they are indeed your friend, will be understanding to that. A Scammer on the other hand will continue to push the issue and make you feel as if there is no other option and you must help them